Silver Anti-bullying Award

We were very proud to attain the Doncaster Silver Anti-Bullying Award in recognition of the work our children have done to understand exactly what bullying is ..... and for our mission to make our playground a happy, safe place for all children.

We know bullying is repeated behaviour where one child hurts another physically or emotionally.

Our children have a Buddy Bench on the playground to sit on if they are feeling lonely. Once they sit on it, other children know they need to be involved in a game or chatted to.

Playground leaders from Year 5 help to organise games for younger children and give out awards to recognise their achievements in Friday's assembly.

'The Zone' is our lunch-time club for children who find it difficult or challenging to play with others on the playground each day. It is led by two members of staff each day and the invited children can bring a friend along.