Race to Read Rewards.

At Hatfield Woodhouse Primary school, we value the importance of being able to read and the independence, empowerment and enjoyment it can bring. To encourage the love of reading and to keep it as a top priority both in school and at home, we run a "Race to Read" programme. In each classroom there will be a Race to Read chart, they come in all different formats, race tracks, roads, waves, trees etc, but they all do the same job. Each pupil will move their name up the chart each week if they have read at least 3 times a week at home. To ensure this has been completed we ask that parents sign their child's reading record or homework planner. This will then be checked by a member of staff.

To encourage pupils to persist with this and show resilience we have rewards. Once a pupil has read 20 times, they will receive a bronze certificate, when they reach 50 they will gain a silver award, finally when they have read 100 times at home they will get a gold certificate and a free book from school, which were kindly bought by the PTA.

Each week in class or assembly we celebrate the fantastic reading our pupils are doing by awarding them with their certificates and books. Here are some pupils who achieved their gold award and free book.