Education Advisory Board

wood18.jpgWelcome to our website, I am Lesley Bailey, Chair of the EAB of Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School. I have been a governor of the school for many years and seen many changes to the premises, with recruitment of new staff, with ever changing Government policy. All with the aim of improving the learning environment and teaching of our children.

I am proud of the excellent and dedicated staff, principal, governors, children and parents/carers. We, as governors sought to become an Academy in April 2012. Our Academy status will help us to not only maintain but to develop and improve our standards of educational excellence and ensure that each of our pupils reach their full potential within a broad and enjoyable curriculum.

I hope that everyone, staff, pupils and parents/carers will join me and the other EAB members in our commitment to the school to providing a safe learning environment and an education second to none. We want our children to continue looking forward to attending school and engaging in their lessons with enthusiasm and a sense of achievement and pride.

Parents wishing to contact the EAB are requested to inform the school office as I am a regular visitor to the academy and will respond as quickly as I can to any written communication or telephone messages.

We currently have a parent vacancy on our EAB. We are always happy to meet parents or members of the community with an interest in joining the EAB in the future. Do leave a message in the office and I will contact you directly.


 Lesley Bailey


Governing Body

Mrs L Bailey Delta

Mr. Mi Le Voguer (Chair) Delta

Mrs H Acton - Principal

Mrs S Chesney - Vice Principal

Mr J Brown-Delta / Community

Mrs K Reich - Parent governor

Mrs C. McRoy -Parent governor

Mrs J. Parker (Associate governor)

Mrs M Benton - Delta



Governors Responsibilities 2016-2017

Mrs J Parker - Standards and Attainment

Mr Mi Le Voguer -Safeguarding / Health and Safety

Mrs L. Bailey - Staffing

Mrs J Parker -SMSC

Mrs L Bailey - Teaching and Learning

Mrs L. Bailey - Inclusion and Behaviour