French Day

July 2016

We decided to have a special day to learn about and celebrate all things French.

We all tried some French delicacies like French bread and brioche. Raccoon class and Panda class especially loved the Camembert cheese. Most children, however, enjoyed the chocolate filled crepes best! 

We also had a go at art in the style of the French impressionist painter, Claude Monet. Hedgehog class used sponges and paint to recreate his painting, 'Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies'. 

In our assembly at the end of the day, each class got the chance to show the rest of the school something that they had learnt during the day. Children in Hedgehog class explained the different types of transport you could use to get to France. Racoon class researched French food and produced a Powerpoint to report what they had found to the rest of the school (some children were dissapointed they had not been able to try snails!) Panda class showed off the Claude Monet paintings that they had produced. Whilst Squirrel class learnt some French phrases and demonstrated their amazing linguistic skills.

We all had a wonderful day and learnt a lot about France (especially the food).