Attendance Awards

At Hatfield Woodhouse we understand how important good attendance is and the impact attendance has on education and pupils themselves. As a school we are aiming to achieve 96% or above for our whole school attendance target.

We try our best to celebrate and congratulate those pupils who achieve this and turn up everyday with smiles on their faces. We do this by having attendance displays in every classroom monitoring every pupils individual attendance, on a Friday there is a small treat for those pupils with 100% attendance that week. 

Then on a Friday in whole school celebration assembly each classes attendance is revealed and the top three classes over 96% receive a rossette which they proudly display on their classroom door for all visitors to see. We also have a beautiful display in the school hall, where each class is represented. Each week if the classes achieve 96% their animal is placed in the middle of the rosette and they get an extra break time


Finally, once a term individual certificates are awarded to pupils with 100% attendance for that term and a prize is given this a could be a voucher for swimming and skating at the Dome or a book.  At the end of the year  for 2017-18, as an additional incentive,those children who have 100% attendance will have a trip out of school. Good attendance has a massive impact on how pupils achieve at school but also how happy and secure they feel at school too. We work hard with our parents and pupils to strive for the very best attendace we can.