Academy Profile

Academy Ethos

wood14.jpgWe believe that high expectations of good behaviour and a positive attitude towards discipline with the emphasis being on self-discipline are essential if the aims of the school are to be successfully achieved.

The aims of the school are:-

  • To provide a secure and happy atmosphere in which the children can learn effectively.
  • To encourage in children a sense of responsibility and independence
  • To provide high quality education for all our children
  • To work hard to raise standards
  • To create a sense of community and shared values and to develop a framework for citizenship, enabling all children to participate in a multi-ethnic society in accordance with the school’s equal opportunities policy
  • To provide a curriculum that is appropriate, broadly based and balancedTo encourage close links with parents and the community.

The aims are the cornerstones of the school’s ethos.

The school has devised in consultation with the pupils a set of golden rules, which all members of the school community are expected to follow. They apply both indoors and outdoors.

Academy Rules

Be in the right place at the right time

Say the right thing in the right way

Do the right thing in the right way